Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thesis Ahoy!

So I am smack in the middle of production on my thesis film. Just completed this render to get the final look of the film set for my approval meeting next week.

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I really have my two amazing friends Man Louk Chin and James Marcus to thank for the great models! Man Louk worked out Claire for me while James did the Robot. Here are the character design turnarounds I gave them to work off. SPOT ON PERFECTION GUYS! :)

This coming Wednesday I will be doing the ADR for the actress who will be playing Claire. I am so excited the girl is so cute and sweet!

Anyway I finished all the rigging for both characters the other day and did a test walk with the Robot. He's so much fun to animate!

Just finished Claire's rig test, yay!

And here's the animatic! Now let's hope I get this thing done before June!


  1. heheheeheeheh awesome! did you use anzovin for rigging? I love your robot! yAY!

  2. Yes I did use anzovin for both rigs. Only for the Robot I didn't actually hit the rig button after setting everything into place. I did it the manual way, painting weights to the joints. But I like using his rig far more than Claire's! haha

  3. Helen Guthrie7:52 PM

    So, what happened to your thesis project? I do hope everything went well with it. From the looks of it, your thesis animation was looking great! You main character can really be a great thesis statement for other to know what your project was really all about. Anyway, I wish I can see the whole a thesis animation project that you’ve made.

    1. Hi Helen! Thank you so much for the kind words. I did complete my thesis, you can find it under the film tab of my website:

      Hope you enjoy the film! :)