Saturday, November 1, 2008

Animation Class!

So I have begun to time out my A Film for class. It's about a seagull that wants to eat a cheesy poof but then is attacked by other seagulls and left for dead. All in 15 seconds. Anyway it will be completely animated by hand on cells so I'm trying to get it all relatively easy as it needs to get done THIS MONTH. So here is a little animatic I did in flash today to work out timing and staging. Ignore the crappy drawings haha. Let me know if you have any ideas about how to make it better!

I also worked out the levels. The goal is to keep the levels LOW! Max of 6 being shot at a time.

BG - Beach, sky, umbrellas. (Top pegged)
A - Hero Seagull and cheesy poof(Bottom pegged)
B - Flying Seagulls (Bottom Pegged)
C - Bouncing seagulls (Bottom Pegged)
UL_OL - Fat man (Top pegged)
OL - Ball (Top pegged) and another cell of just the cheesy poof before the seagull picks it up.

This should work out as then I can pan the BG, UL_OL, and ball without having to worry about my walk cycle on the seagull and stuff. I'm excited! Who wants to help paint? 360 frames on 2's that should be around 180 frames, some of which are cycles so I'm gonna go with like 100 or so actual cells to paint.

I am going to die. lol